My nickname growing up was Brain not because I was particularly smart but because I did something stupid. I bubbled in my name on a standardized test as Brain.

What the internet would say about me

  • Facebook knows I’m more obssessed with Italy than is actually healthy.
  • Pinterest probably thinks I have decent taste.
  • Twitter thinks I should follow too many design bloggers and Pokemon
  • Buzzfeed says “Yes I am a little bit of a Hipster” and more importantly I am a super fan of Buffy.
  • Netflix thinks I only like movies featuring a strong female lead.
  • Pandora sends me on an hour long musical adventure to the French Revolution every day.

Inspirations & Interests

Louise Fili, Tina Roth Eisenberg, Architecture, Art History, History, Travel, Food, Coffee, Type and Lettering, Patterns, Video Games, Reading.